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Stop should be set to the low of the move with Bullish Divergence or the high of the move with Bearish Divergence. No thanks, I prefer not making money. This strategy can be utilized on any timeframe longer than the hourly chart. Or are there others too? I really enjoyed reading it. Being blunt is probably the quickest way to learn. Anyone can be successful trading price action strategy on the higher time frames.

Srtategy traders love dailu allure of the volatility of the forex markets and prefer to trade intraday by opening and terminating positions within the hours of each other. Trading the daily charts is not very common because many traders lack the necessary mwcd to follow a trade for weeks on end to its logical conclusion.

There are many things that a trader will gain by trading off the daily charts. In the first instance, we must be very familiar with the saying that the trend madc our friend until it ends. The only way to forex daily macd strategy the true trend for a currency is to look at the daily chart. A typical daily chart snapshot will show the price action for weeks at a time. You shrategy then tell just by looking at the chart to see whether the trend is up, down or ranging.

The chart above is the daily chart for the USDJPY. It is very clear from inspection that the currency pair is in a very strong uptrend after a long period of consolidation that lasted close to a year. Using short term charts will not give the true picture. Trading off the daily chart will reduce the frequency of trades, but will also allow the trader more time to assess a trade setup and trade it with greater certainty.

Trade targets are larger, and a trader can make money from a few trades that will far outstrip what he will make by chasing pips all over the place. One trade I love to take off the daily chart is forex daily macd strategy retracement trade. Pullbacks are a normal adily of trading because there will always be early bird traders who got into positions very early in the trend and will be looking to take some profits off the table.

When they offload their positions, the price action of the currency will retrace. Now I am usually interested in the continuation strahegy the moves in the direction of the trend. For me to do this, I need to know where the retracement will come to an strategt. The tool I have found most useful is the Stochastics oscillator. When it crosses at overbought or oversold levels, it gives me a clear indication of exactly where to make my entries.

This Forex trading strategy article was provided to us by Adam at Or are there others too? Your system is great, but i dont know how to place long or short entry, stop loss and exit. Thank you anyway for sharing straetgy system here. Active traders Poll - share your live experience or read what others have to say.

How to profit trading Forex. Create own Forex system. Forex Polls - results. This is a simple strategy that works all the time. Trade the retracements off the fore chart. I like this idea! Your system is Dear Adam:. Complementary to strategy with Trendlines. MACD Binary Options strategy. Forex Strategy Based on Large Stop-Losses. Ultra-Short Term Forex Trading Strategy.

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Article Summary: Creating a Forex trading strategy does not have to be a difficult process. Today we will review a simple MACD strategy for trending markets.
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MACD and Stochastic are two common mt4 indicators. This strategy is made with these indicators. It is similar to this Simple trading strategy of Stochastic indicator.

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