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I made enough yesterday on Pirce to pay for it for a year. These "Trade Secrets" will help supercharge your trading results. IB does not include a timestamp on the trades. Note that for stocks only the EXCHANGE and TYPE fields. Determining the best trading style for you. DecisionBar that isn't even mentioned in the manual example.

Log in Sign up. Links - a comprehensive list of tools for quantitative traders. Institutional-class standard, Morningstar provides multiple platforms for historical data:. Institutional-class standard, Thomson Reuters pice multiple platforms for historical market data:. Academic research-quality market databases:. Historical intraday prices including full depth, top-of-book, consolidated and OHLC Bars :.

Historical prices daily and other data:. Historical prices daily :. Wharton Research Data Services WRDS :. Historical price data daily :. MetaStock Datalink daily data :. EzeSoftware offers a former RealTick data - Historical price data:. Historical price data for European government fixed income markets:. Historical daily EoD price data:. Option prices daily :. Historical data for options on equities, ETFs and indexes:. World macro-economic historical data:. Collects data from multiple data sources into one database, contains daily prices for:.

Louis FRED as an example. Historical long-term esiganl data:. Historical world long-term esignal forex data feed price data:. Historical prices daily for:. Historical monthly data for:.

Installing FXCM For FX Live Data

TopGun Software has completely revolutionized my stock trading. I have traded with at least a half a dozen one dimensional stock trading platforms over the.
Historical data (daily/monthly) - US Equities to Foreign Stocks to Delisted Stocks to 1693 - Fixed Income to Commodities to Real Estate to.
The TTM Squeeze indicator can be applied to the Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex markets. The TTM Squeeze Indicator works in conjunction with Tradestation, eSignal.

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