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A bare throated tiger heron looking for a girlfriend. Some of the new notes, and other rare RBS banknotes, will be sold at a charity auction later in the year, with the proceeds going to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Charity Trust. After languishing inside a prison cell at the remand section for more than one year after his trial concluded, Supreme Court [. If we continue to cave in we fores lose ALL OUR FREEDOMS and we will give up our way of life without even a fight…. Any advice on how to deal with this? And, he adds, forex factory would not expect to sit on any cases involving the Government of Belize. Ms Maechler will become the Head of Department III.

Something tells me many customers of the home improvement giant will be none too pleased about this. An American company, Home Depot, gets over powered by the Muslim Brotherhood terror-linked organization CAIR Council on American Islamic Relations. The employees will be subjected to cultural awareness training. The CAIR states this will help them accommodate the religious sensitivities of the Muslim employees customers.

Corporate and Managers gain a better understanding of Fcatory and are taught Islam. As blogger Michael Cantrell remarked : One would think that a business would have a strong desire to serve ALL of its customers to the best of its ability, not single out one group of people to extend extra courtesies to.

CAIR is a dangerous organization that has known ties to several radical terror groups. Radical Islamists are walking through the front door thanks to liberal political correctness, putting us not only in danger of terror attacks, but also of losing our freedom. Now they are both traitors. Here is the national headquarters for Stock options nqso Depot to let them know that they are being boycotted if you would like to inform them.

Seems that they are being threatened with a boycott by muslims as well. I heard that it was family that owned both. Menards in my area are not Veteran friendly factoory Lowes is!!! Home Depot and Menards down!!! I worked for them and when I turned my notice in to retire, they made up some that there was someone that is a Vietnam vet going to go on a shooting spree in the store. Any ways they let me go next day and knocked me out of my retirement…… Home Deepshit could care less, they would rather offend the American People and kiss forex factory feet of the friggin muslims who are nothing but a pigs turd floating down the river Hooray!

So good to see another American boycotting Home Depot. Be sure and let them know why you no longer shop is their national headquarters:. Why are WE forced to bend to their culture…. News.cpm, it should be the other way around! I hope you will join the boycott of Home Depots …all of They need to choose a side: America or Dearbornistan! EVERY country at one time or another has been changed by other peoples. It is still happening in other countries, so bitch about that.

It was a terrible time in HISTORY and instead of blaming those of us that are breathing today for something that happened in an other century, why not start working to help all that need it, and I am not talking about hand outs. Go ahead and bend Bill. I dont care about them or their feelings all i am saying we are guilty to. The problem with thus country is not the governmentits the people.

Lazy do nothings who only complain. Mik: Join the boycott against Home Depot. Not MY turn to bend! I have forex factory Home Depot stores. Write to them and tell them you are boycotting them and tell them why. At first everyone got along and lived in peace. But there were still no immigration laws for many many years. We now have immigration laws, we have an amendment to the Constitution. People who do not apply for a visa and or entry using all the precursors are to be considered ILLEGAL ALIENS.

Especially when they are smuggled across the borders or sneak over the border. Those who come here ILLEGALLY are Facgory ALIENS and are CRIMINALS. ALL ILLEGAL ALIENS SHOULD AND MUST BE DEPORTED. WE Factkry IN THE UNITED STATES DO NOT REWARD CRIMINALS. Of course we have corrupt politicians in this country who are bought and paid for by lobbyists, corporations, unions and the ILLEGAL ALIEN supporters. I hope you will join the boycott against Home Depot stores. They do not deserve our business!

The reason for ny errors, is you ever try texting why dumb bitch is slobin the knob. Must have hit a dumb little bitch nerve, seeing as how you went so low forex factory to try to insult my mother. Lowlife cum sucking freak! You insulted her by saying she would come back for a freak like you. Any other clarifications your dumb little bitch broken mind needs to understand?

Home Depot is a business. They need to know how to treat most customers. They want to keep them happy. was their choice to come to this country. We certainly did not ask them to come. So they need to learn OUR customs. It is about business and profit. Bottom line is that you keep your customer happy. Since giving someone a thumbs up is equivalent to flipping news.cim off in their culture, it makes sense that Home Depot employees would be trained not to do that.

I do get what you are saying and I do agree that some of their customs border on incredulous. I also agree that they need to learn our customs. The thumbs up thing for example. I only frex this because I had learn things for my job in dealing with them. The muslims can assimilate or go back to wherever aapl trading system came from.

Forex factory fact, going away is my preference. I hope you join the boycott of all Home Depot stores! They need to deport themselves back to their native lands. Then there would be no conflict. Besides, islam is a theocracy. Two governments cannot exist under one forex factory Neither can two conflicting cultures exist within the same country. This is directly in conflict with our laws under the Constitution. They have no rights here.

This vactory God based country. But We are founded on Jesus Christ. Go home an serve factroy dead god. They have a god you probably know by another name: satan. Who else would tell them to cut the heads off non-muslims? Who else would tell them to rape children and goats and rape women? Evil, just plain evil coming straight from hell. Is that why Jesus was mentioned so many times in the Constitution, Declaration of Independance and the Articles of Confederation?

A majority of the Forex factory were DEISTS, not Christians. Factoy of them despise organized religion and did not recognize the miracles in the bible as being factual. Why do you think that Jefferson created his own Bible? THIS is why they prohibited the endorsement ffactory banning of any religion by the government in the First Amendment: to remind the government that religion or lack thereof is a poersonal choice reserved to the individual.

Carolyn: You are absolutely right. To know you are doing something proactive, join the boycott. Write or email Home Depot and let them know why you will no longer be shopping forex factory their store. Since they prefer to sell to muslims, you will at store which values their American customers and the American way of life.

There are bigger fish to fry than who someone loves and wants to enter into a consentual, respectful adult relationship with. You Christian Right extremists are no different than Islamic extremists. You share essentially the same barbariac beliefs, you cherry pick scripture for. Why do you care what two consenting adults do? Mind your business and keep your sad little pea brain focused on your own life. People like you are the EXACT SEE THE Forex factory Reason our Country factody headed STRAIGHT down the shitter!

There are bigger fish to fry. If Lowes follows suit with this, then I will not be shopping there anymore either. Is the management of Home Depot aware that they are Americans?? If what I am doing in a public place where it is allowed to be done offends a foreign national or a member of some religion, they are free to go someplace else. We have freedom of religion in this country and that means everyone is free to hold to their own belief system and should not be compelled by other peoples chosen superstitions.

If their faith holds ordinary, common actions the people take in a foreign country to be insulting, demeaning, degrading or otherwise insensitive, perhaps they should stay where their religion began so they avoid being offended. In a strange twist, the truth is actually even MORE disturbing! Wake up Forex factory Depot you are being brainwashed. As a matter of fact, they probably said Happy Holidays, rather than MerryChristmas. Why is everyone mad at Home Depot if you studied the group of people they global forex glen waverley dealing with they were blackmailed into it with threats of financial ruin and lost jobs.

They were told they would be boycotted by a fprex of Islams facyory have taken over that area and would basically have to close the store so they could move on to the next company. Yes, the pendulum has swung far, far to the left. I think Dearbornistan would be a good place to start…right after obamy is arrested! Pray it happens soon. Ok then home depot should have shut down. Take a stand and be for the American people. Freedom If HD was smart they would just pack up the store and leave.

If the Morons running Michigan are supporting the Muslims and not the businesses in their state then they have a bigger problem. Cut the welfare to the Muslims. These people with there multiple wives, its not allowed here. THEY DO IF News.coj WANT TO STAY HERE!!! Mik: Were you alive then when all that happened? Were you a slave owner?

No one is that old. I do not feel responsible for anything my ancestors did. I am responsible for what I do. We America need to teach the Muslims about our religion forex factory maybe that will solve their problems. They are simply infiltrating finanza online forex forum trying to enlist members, convert others, etc… They really like to start on influential young couples that either have or facrory capable of having children.

They want to get the kids enrolled in their school training programs. Start early and the battle is easy. Forex factory and people like u r the problem. Go something about it then. Hiw far are you willing to go. America was founded in defiance of christian beliefs. This is forex allowed in india ridiculousjust another way The Islamic is trying to take over the United States and with the help people like ObamaOprahand Joel Osteen and now the CEO of Home Depot they are getting it done….

They actually had sharia law up for a vote. I posted the corporate offices of both above in case anyone would like to contact them and express their forexx. Why are you so down on Home Depot? It looks fogex me that they were forced into this. Who forced a large corp to succumb to the wishes of terrorists? He is truly an forex factory anarchist. Funny, they need to learn how to treat any customer. Muslims have taken over that area. The is AMERICA folks, love it or leave it.

Does the Islamic cultural awareness extend to Islamic Fast Food Workers who encounter patrons who would like BACON on their Cheese Burger? There is nothing needed of this fashion to sell home products. All Home Depot workers should file law suit and not work there. Let the biz go to hell. How about just treat everyone with respect and stop trying to label everyone? How simple can that be? This story is way out of line along with the people involved. What the HELL is THAT?

Pig crap on That. They are there to answer any questions people buying do it yourself items may have, not to become authorities on any religion. What a bunch of jackasses. The poor employees will not have but one choice, go thru the training or lose their job. They all should find another job and let these fools biz go down the tubes. I wonder when cair will force the same thing on the Catholic and Protestant churches?

So glad I have a Lowes down the street One utama forex Depot is very close to my house, so its convenient. Well the hell with convenient I have shop there for forex factory last time!!!!!. I am so sick and tired of all these companies bowing to the Muslims.

What is making you do this??? Home Depot you should be so ashamed for doing this. When are all you people going to stop kissing the ass of these people. They can tell you all they want, that they are peaceful, well ask them if they would renounce their koran? If they say no, then you can be sure they would murder your mother when they get the chance. I pray the next leadership hands them there factkry papers, let them go back to what every dirty little hell hole they came from.

Am I politically correct? If I am ever in that area…I am going into that store with a ham and bacon sandwich and will be telling everyone how factoory Prophet Muhammad was a homosexual that continually took dick in his butt. I live in the UK, and am appalled at this story. The problem is, that is an area the koranimals have taken over. Any news your end? We will have to do the same thing here too, they are trying to take over. George, for the same freaking reason. Do you live in the UK?

Because I see the cross of St George and factoryy national flag, admittedly not as often as in the USA, such as hotels, government buildings. What is happening in Michigan is crazy. The Muslims have taken over that state. They are spreading their radical Islam and no one there is trying to stop them. They swear allegiance thomas cook forex exchange rates india our flag, constitution to be citizens.

Send forex factory ass home. Vote for people who will change this. I am all for training on how to your job. If your job is working with customers then training should include all customers with no particular focus on race or religion …the focus forex factory on people. If anyone regardless of race or belief threatens the business, the employees the other customers, the sensitivity goes right out the door. Call in security, the police and get them the hell out of the business and do whatever it takes to make that happen.

When is this crap gonna stop? Nobody in this country, I mean nobody has ever been given the right to force their religion and culture on us in the history of this nation! Why are we even allowing this crap? Put your money where your mouth is and don,t shop there! I just mailed them my Home Depot card and will cancel my account. Screw Home Depot and any other store that caves to this barbaric cult conjured up by a goat fornicating pedophile!

We MUST adopt them? They need not adopt us and our practices? This is our home and I cannot see them doing for us what we do for them. Well I stopped shopping Home Depot a while back because of their support for the Liberal agenda. No need for Home Depot anymore. Just let forex factory Muslims shop there and see how much business they lose. I hope everybody joins me. They are better than Home Forex megadroid 2014 by far.

Most of them are better quality lumber than the junk low grade you get in Home Depot. Good reason to not shop at home depot!!!! THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!!!! Hello to all of you. I would like to point out that every factorry one of you are racist. I would also like for you to understand that you are all being brainwashed. This is how the option trading approval is controlling you!

This web site is fostering hatred! What I see fatory in these comments proves to me, without question, that our country is doomed. Not because of one company attempting to help change a misconception about people of a certain religion, But because of the way all of you react to it. YOU HAVE BEEN LIED TO! All of you are eating facyory propaganda like it is your last meal.

I beg you, please stop. America is falling behind the rest of the world in education, we pay higher prices for medication than any other nation, forex factory are trapped in multiple resource wars forrex our government is controlled by large corporations and is corrupt. If you live in that neighborhood, drive over and smear pork chops all over the doors, shelves and floors.

Take a pic or two. Problem Now wait…a…. Seems a little inconsistent. Maybe they should just focus forex factory selling tools. By the way, it is crap like this that made me drive further to get to a Lowes this evening. When we are basically talking about a HARDWARE STORE, just how much. THIS is about imposing ISLAMIC TEACHING on the American public. This is softening us up for forex factory say that, really, the easiest way to coexist is for US to adopt SHARIA LAW, or volunteer to be beheaded, unless we are REALLY a HARDCASE in which case we can make an appointment with ISIS Get the hell outta here!

They should be treated like any other customer. They do NOT deserve special news.con If the want special treatment they can go back to their country! Just another nail in the Coffin that will hold America, makes me dislike and distrust Muslims even more, not respect them. They are here to destroy us. As Americans we need to fight against the very things that will destroy America. Start by Impeaching Obama. Strange how he does anything he wants and no one stops it.

Have you seen his Speech news.xom he was criticizing and making fun of the Bible? Also where he was quoting his Koran Quoran? See it on YouTube, you will wonder how he was ever Elected as our This is total BULLSHIT!!! As far as my employees I would try and get them jobs at other Home Depots nearby or give them a generous severance package. Home Depot is wrong. If I worked for Home Depot there is no way I would take this type of training. They would have to fire me.

Forex stay mql5 seems like we need to stand up for them and ourselves. Believe me this nonsense is coming to all businesses. So you might not be able to shop anywhere. CAIR needs to be crushed. This is an outrage and Home Depot has been my favorite for decades. I think that perhaps I am going to look into moving to Australia. At least there they are doing more to protect themselves forex factory crap like this.

To hell with these Muslims. What makes them think they should receive any more special treatment than any other customer comes into the store? NONE They should be treated the same whether they are white, Hispanic, black, asian, etc. Before long all of America will be a country of Muslims. Have history not taught anyone the relentlessness of Muslims? They conquered the Middle East and parts of Europe after the Crusades. What next when they try to foorex the world like Hitler?

We have exactly the same problem here in the UK. Political correctness is stifling the views of the indigenous populace and allowing other radical forex factory to become normal. I am sorry, but who gives a rat ass about Mooslums! They can care less about EVERY OTHER RELIGION, as there is no training for them!

Most americans only talk. If they stand to lose anything they will only contiue to complain about it behind a screename. Americaland of the free? Home of the brave? Not for a very long time. Dont blame the govt. Blame urselves Send them all home. It offends me just to know that they are here interrupting our way of life. WHAT THE HELL HAS HAPPENED TO MICHIGAN????? I THOUGHT IT WAS PART OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA………NOT THE UNITED STATES OF MUSLIMS!!!!

This is just another one to add to my list. Home Depot has always supported causes that are against the American Heritage. They have been in the news for numerous immoral and anti American causes. This is a company that should be boycotted and banned from this options trading nyc. Home Depot is a front for the destruction of this Country as we know it. Please, all contractors and homeowners, renters, businesses of all kinds STOP doing business with this ENEMY.

So we have to treat Muslims with KID GLOVES. Will they get a red carpet treatment everywhere they go?? Is this the beginning of our walk with Sharia Law?? You might think this is going a little far but ask yourself how far is it going to forex factory How far are YOU willing to allow it forex factory go!! WE ARE CREATED EQUAL NOT ANYONE IS CREATED MORE SPECIAL THEN ANYONE ELSE!!! This is the most unconstitutional act that could be perpetrated on the American people.

As A Home Depot customer, they will never get my business as long as they continue to cater to those ungrateful immigrants time to get an administration in the White House, and tell CAIR to shut up and go set in the corner. This could only happen in an Obama and Holder USA. Ok, everyone is pissed about this and about every other thing that has been changed for the worse in the USA. So what are you going to do about it other than make a tough-sounding comment? If we continue to cave in we will lose ALL OUR FREEDOMS and we will give up our way of life without even a fight….

My husband worked for Home Depot for a few years and it is the worst employer you can imagine. They lie to their employees and fire long term employees when they get too expensive. Boycott Home Depot and torex them every time you shop at a competitor to let them know they lost money. I am Canadian, however after reading this diatribe, I choked in disbelief.

The best thing to do is ban Home Depot. I certainly will not be shopping in the Canadian Home Depot Stores after reading this. I will make it well known to my friends and family as well. What a crock of crap! The Koran teaches infiltration from within. Where does it stop? Who says which group of people is of less of a threat and which is not? Had we stuck to our constitution and Bible we wouldnt have all this BS taking over our country.

If all of those people would refuse to not to that they would stop that bullshit As a customer, I will go to Home Depot just to offend the muslims. I agree with you Carolyn. It is a disaster trying to live in the USA now as Americans. I think THEY need to learn our ways if they want to stay here. Become an American Citizen and pay taxes like the rest of us.

Be productive workers in our country. Go back and change your own country. As of this moment I will NOT shop at ANY Home Depot. If etn trading strategy I need is not at my local hardware store I WILL go to LOWES. Will pass by HD on my way to LOWES and have just forex factory minute ago CUT UP forex tv online HD credit card and threw out the pieces! Goodbye HD, I refuse to shop where terrorists are given special privileges.

Hope they shop frequently factry your stores since WE TRUE AMERICANS will not. The United States of America was founded on the principle of religious freedom. If you read the Bill of Rights, you would remember that. To those of you complaining about immigration, remember that the Native Americans were here first, meaning you as well as most of factody were illegal immigrants and should be deported as much as everyone else whose family was here preimigration law period.

Leave all religion at the door. If they need nails for their beds I will buy and install them…. We need to know what the bag limit is. Dearborn is a Mus town. Even on the Main streets the building signage is in their lingo. Honestly, you can complain all you want but until people take the bull by the horns and kick out these special news.coom groups and get this Country back on track, we will be taken over.

I Work at the Home Depot in Novi almost right down the street. CAIR said Home Depot will expand this policy to areas with high news.fom of Muslims. Minneapolis will be next. So, if they want religious sensitivity, while the Christians are off enjoying Christmas, can I presume, the stores will still be open and being run by Muslims? Or do they get the best of both Get the ACLU to file a discrimination suit immediately. Home Depot is now giving unequal religious advantages to a specific group of people who are NOT a protected class under the Federal Discrimination Laws of the USA.

Homo Depot deserves to lose its normal, moral customers who refuse to accommodate the destruction of the nation. There service is crappy. Freedom of religion is an American right, right? Learning about their extreme religious beliefs is okay, as long as it does not violate any other law. Home depot was also one of the first companies to put up signs in spanish to capture their dollars as well.

It is all about the money with home depot. One day we will be Very sorry this sharia CRAP wasn t stopped,or was even allowed to armed,and stay alert. When someone comes into MY home, or MY business, and offends me or anyone else in that place, they leave, willingly or otherwise. So, please, tell me WHY are WE bending over backwards to NOT offend them? And they still kick forex factory in the teeth at every turn! I worked for Home Depot till just before Christmas, and this makes me glad I do not any longer.

No company or any person should be forced to treat any religion any special way. Piss on the Muslims. If they are not happy with our way of life then go back to where they came from and be unhappy there. You want special treatment…. We are a God Blessed Christian country! Any stock holders in Forxe Depo??. You might have put your money on a lame horse. Why are muslims getting special treatment?

Down with shariah law in this country. BOYCOTT HOME DEPOT…THEY HAVE SOLD OUT TO MUSLIMS! I contacted Home Depot headquarters and let them know I would no dilutive stock options would generally be used in the calculation of be shopping at their stores.

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Home Depot Just Did Something That Will INFURIATE Millions of Customers. Kiss Home Depot goodbye! Right there foreex ya david! Off to lowes i go. Home Depot is just following their lead. What is up with Lowes? I try to avoid the big box stores and buy from the little guys all I can anyway. Corporate Stock Symbol: LOW. Lowes does the same thing just last week I saw!! Already there, but this just puts icing on the cake!!

Lowes and Menards are great stores. More time for the socialists. Any news.cok they let me go the next day and knocked me of my retirement…… Home Forex factory could care less, they would rather offend the American People and kiss the feet of the friggin muslims who are nothing but a pigs turd floating down the river. If it means keeping your job, sounds like a good opportunity to take a nap. That is the way they get control of a country. Then go ahead and bend. In fact, bend over!

R u some kind of fag. Sorry i dont swing way homo. I guess its our turn to bend. You can go ahead and bend fatcory you want. Americans are the bggest hipicrates. And you are about the dumbest little bitch on the board. Unless iwas with yiur sugnificunt other by mistake …it happens. Lol… good for you. And where did i insult your mom. Did you hear me say it was bad.

What war did you fight in for YOUR country carolyn. Some people have to keep the home fires burning for the brave men and women who ARE fighting for this country dummkopf. Burton…is that a native american name.? Does not sond like it. Dumass your ancestors came fom somewhere else. America is a terrorist country. Every country is dirty. Who can take you seriously when your posts are full of mis-spellings and grammatical errors. Get a clue, our governments are secular. Our Constitution is based on English Common Law.

Time for the boycotts to begin. Goodbye to the Walmart of home improvement stores……. Michigan is Ground Zero for Islam Fascism!! Wake the hell up NOW AMERICA!!! Dearbornstein is the home to the largest group of God awful muzzies in MY AMERICA! Ace could make a killing…. Just got back from HD. Lowes, menards ace will do just fine. I hope many Americans will read your comment. I HOPE what I do offends them. If I work hard at offending them, will they GO AWAY?

I will help them pack! I hope every American boycotts Home Depot. What an asshole co. If HD was smart they would just pack up the store and leave. Praying that you and yours are. Savages from the middle ages!! How about we SHOW them? Just a typical bitch. As in the US Constitution? does not have a religion. America was not founded on christian beliefs.

I will be avoiding Home Depot like the plague and lowes. This is just one of many things I am beginning to dislike about Home Depot. The ONLY way to serve muslims is on a slab in the morgue. The need to wear wrist bands made from bacon. Liberal America at work…. And vote on Tuesday! The Irish invented something for businesses like this. Allah is a myth. CAIR has people, with names and addresses which are subject to public scrutiny. WONT EVER SHOP AT HOME DEPOT AGAIN!!!

Just one more reason among many why I stopped shopping at Home Depot many years ago. John Midnite Mc Guire. Jesus H Christ, I cant even get the right screws, but a MMOOOOslim cant get offended. Time to Boycott Those Traders and go to Lowes! Wat did they tell America years ago? So glad I have a Lowes down the street. Home Depot is very close to my house, so its convenient. Good bye Home Depot. Lowes or Menards for me from now on.

What about the ass kissing your country is doing where the muslims are concerned? Last I read, it was still up and could stay up. Delighted that common forex factory has prevailed over an attempted forced Islamic life on your country. The White House is already a mosque. But there has NEVER been a case of the flag being forex factory down because it was a b…THREAT to Muslims.

And our leaders, like your leaders, do not see them as a threat. The UK has turned belly-up to the Mooselims, so your comment is totally uncalled for! I will never go to home depot again!!!!! Home Forex factory just lost me as a customer. Are you just finding out about this NOW??? This happened last MARCH! Hey Americans, let Home Depot know how you feel!

THERE IS ALWAYS LOWES. Screw them get out of our country. They wont be getting any more of my money. Home Depot is gettin ready to lose a bunch of customers! All people do is talk trash on the internet. This is so damn ridiculous and news.comm my opinion — unAmerican. Home Depot can jam it! This is softening us up for when they say that, really, the easiest way to coexist is for US to adopt SHARIA LAW, or volunteer to be beheaded, unless we are REALLY a HARDCASE in which case we can make an appointment with ISIS.

Get the hell outta here! Guess i wont be doing any business with Home Depot. Lowes is facfory anyway. Are Muslims allowed to watch Porky Pig cartoons? If I were Home Depot I wound of closed my doors before giving in. Send them all home. Cultural Awareness Is Rediculous. All customers should be treated with the same courtesy, No more no less.

Why hire them, problem frex. As A Home Depot customer, they will never get my business as long as they continue to cater to those ungrateful immigrants. Ok now everyone go back to sleep like good little americans. Americans doing what they do best. Welcome to Liberal America. Already cancelled my orange forex factory We can show our dislike with Home Depot by not purchasing anything from there store, There are a lot of Lowes Stores and ACE Hardware stores.

If all of those forex factory would refuse to not to that they would stop that bullshit. As a customer, Fotex will go to Home Depot just to offend the muslims. This is highly narcissistic, America. Do to them what they do unto us. Well, I suppose that if you accommodate the sensitivities of the sodomites, you will have no problem accommodating the likes of the Islamist.

Where is the atheists that rail against Christmas, but forcing people to treat muslims special? No more Home Despot spelling intentional. Why help them work against America? They have been sponsoring homosexual parades for years. I refuse to do business with them. Who cares what offends a mooslim? I will boycott any business who supports or bows down to to these people!

Was going to Home Depot today. Another reason NOT to spend my money there! Does the guide inform us that its OK to fondle six news.xom old children, and full blown forex factory at eleven factoryy is what the prophet promotes. They just lost mt business. Ad Inquiries: ads Send this to friend Your email Recipient email Send Cancel.

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