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The Times of Israel has been binary options secrets about optuons fraud, article after articlefor the past three months. Optione, as I said, some parts of the Hebrew media are starting to catch up. What the TV report failed to state explicitly is that, far from investment, or even regulated gambling, the industry is engaged in outright theft — a theft it perpetrates largely, though not solely, by allegedly rigging its trading platforms. For those of you who have read our coverage to date, this makes for a handy, grim recap.

A shameful reality, that is, of Israelis stealing from foreigners with the tacit consent of the Israeli government. The scale of the industry is hard to assess, but it is vast. We know that many of these firms employ hundreds of people. The industry is not unsophisticated. When speaking to clients, the salespeople whose job is to persuade them to part with their money use false names, cite false qualifications and expertise, claim to be in false locations — telling whatever cover story is most effective in building trust.

The single goal of the sales and retention crooks is to persuade the mark to believe in them, and then to entrust them with real money. And the more unscrupulous the better. The technical coding involved in rigging the platforms was described to The Times of Israel by one ex-employee who actually wrote some of the code The online trading platforms to which the marks are given access look legitimate. In fact, however, the platforms are allegedly rigged by the fraudulent firms, so that the numbers flashing across the screen can be manipulated to ensure that binary options secrets customer cannot profit.

The technical coding involved in rigging the platforms was described to The Times of Israel by one ex-employee who actually wrote some of the code. Again, therefore, this is not investing. With these fraudulent firms and their duplicitous sales teams, nobody is purchasing a legitimate, conventional option to buy or sell a commodity. The clients, rather, are being played for fools — their funds manipulated as they are expertly squeezed and then cynically discarded. The big-fish companies that supply the trading platforms to smaller binary options firms are therefore central to the fraud.

In one case, we have been told, one such supplier has recently been given a government grant to expand its operations to a major world power with which Israel is working to boost binray — the government using our taxpayer shekels, unwittingly, to finance the potential further global expansion of Israeli binary options fraud. I mentioned above that some of binary options secrets fraudsters have become increasingly reckless as the years have passed and nobody has come to put them in jail.

That recklessness now sees some firms not even bothering to present the appearance of normal trading, but rather, when customers have been fully fleeced, informing them that their money has been lost on unsuccessful trades made on their behalf. More reckless still, when customers become tenacious in demanding their money back, some firms simply stop taking their calls.

Other ruses employed to separate victims from their money are described here. The false names and untraceable phone numbers mean that the victims have a hard time tracking down the crooks. The industry is facilitated by a range of side industries. There are the SEO search engine optimization experts, who ensure that the thieving firms appear high on Google search result pages — readily available to potential customers.

The SEO experts also ensure that websites purporting to help would-be investors with information on binary opttions — websites that are themselves often set up and maintained by the self-same corrupt firms — pop up high on Google, too. There are the production teams, writers and actors making video ads for the industrydeceptively extolling the virtues of this expert and that revolutionary trading platform.

Abysmally, reputable Israeli organizations have helped the corrupt binary options industry to attract staffers — in some cases unwittingly. But nobody, at this stage, can credibly claim ignorance. Since we began highlighting the fraud, several official organizations and private manpower firmsto bknary credit, have begun barring binary options firms from using their recruitment services or advertising on their sites. Some, but not all.

We have been told about some credit card firms that are scrupulous bnary protecting their customers from the fraudsters, and others that are less so. The same goes for banks. The fraudulent firms accept initial deposits via credit card, but much prefer to fleece their marks of larger sums via bank transfer. A number of banks, some of optikns names known to us, play a leading role in this process. When requests for chargebacks mount, the credit card firms get suspicious, and that spells trouble for the fraudsters, who will therefore go to extreme ninary to avoid such repayments.

Unscrupulous Israeli firms we have come across use SEO and other expertise to cheat and steal in binary options secrets online areas. With the possible exception of online gambling, another cash cow with plenty of Israeli involvement whose integrity and regulation o;tions have yet to investigate, however, nothing remotely compares to the scale and binary options secrets of binary options fraud.

When it comes to the impact on the victims, ibnary personal consequences of this mammoth fraud can only be imagined. Other ex-traders told us they knew of other suicides. We have spoken to victims who told us they were considering suicide, and to victims who told us they have had to sell their homes and cannot see how they will ever recover financially.

Again, were these victims just foolish gamblers, addicted to self-destructive financial decisions, binray would have binary options secrets sympathy. But these are trusting people who had been sweet-talked into parting with their savings by men and women using false names, making false promises, claiming to be enabling them to make wise investments, and then stealing their money. The Israel Securities Authority, belatedly protecting Israelis from their fellow citizen-crooks, claims to lack the authority to prevent Israeli firms stealing from people abroad — an interpretation of its mandate that some experts contend is incorrect.

The Israel Police, for its part, has told overseas victims that it cannot handle complaints by email or phone, and that they need to fly to Israel and register a complaint at an Israeli police station. An effort by former Knesset member Einat Wilf to have the industry shut down went nowhere. The Times of Israel has been told of powerful lobbying efforts by well-connected individuals to ensure that the industry is allowed to continue to flourish.

The Times of Israel has also been told horror stories about corruption in high places ostensibly central to the failure of the authorities to intervene, but we have no hard evidence of this. While the Israeli authorities have failed to take action, however, class action suits are now being prepared in Londonraids have been taking place involving Israeli suspects in RomaniaFrench investigators have visited Israel to probe complaints on behalf of French nationals, and Canadian regulators are digging into binary options secrets corrupt Secrfts firms.

The USCanada, Australia and other countries issue watchlists and warning notices that highlight Israeli firms. Overseas media is taking increasing note. The implications for Israel are grave. Israel has attracted an enviable reputation as a stable environment for business and finance. The dizzying scale of the binary options fraud, and the appalling failure of the Israeli authorities to tackle it, constitute a tangible threat to that hard-won reputation, and thus to ongoing international investment and business development in Israel.

If that were not serious enough, however, there is the matter of morals and ethics — the bitter reality that Israel is a world leader in a cynical industry of theft. Thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of largely young Israelis get up and go to work each day to commit robbery. Some of them brag about it. Some of them love ringing that bell and basking in the applause of their fellow crooks when they extract a big new deposit from some dupe on the phone.

Some of them brag that they earn more than their parents. They love the foreign trips the firms sometimes provide. Optiins love those salaries. Some sedrets them blame the clients for allowing themselves to be fooled. This claim was actually made on camera in the TV report last Tuesday night. Some of them are being eaten up inside with the knowledge of the crime they are perpetrating, but carry on doing so regardless.

Last week, after my colleague Simona Weinglass and I had met with an insider who recently, finally, walked away from her job duping marks into giving her their money, we happened to pass a building where a company that writes marketing materials for a binary options firm has its offices. A young man was emerging, opptions to head into the traffic on his electric bicycle. I told him he should be ashamed of himself. I asked him if his mother knows what he does for a living.

The argument grew louder, and then became more civil. As he rode off, I called after him to please find another job. Every day that the fraudulent binary options industry continues to thrive is an affront to the values we should all hold dear I hope he does. I hope everybody reading this who, directly or indirectly, is facilitating this vast blight — as an employee of the industry, or of its related industries, or of the authorities that ought to have long since shut this all down and sent the perpetrators to opptions — sobers up and remembers that little commandment: Thou Shalt Not Steal.

This is not what Israel was revived for. This is not what Israelis daily protect this country from its enemies secrehs. Every day that the fraudulent binary dolly 13 forex industry continues to forex employment opportunities is an affront to the values we should all hold dear. Every day that the enforcement authorities in this country allow it to binary options secrets is an affront to the values they are charged to uphold.

The Times of Israel. Atlanta: Atlanta Jewish Times. New Jersey: The Jewish Standard. New Binaey The Jewish Binary options secrets. United Kingdom: The Jewish News. For Publishers: Become a Times of Israel partner. Subscribe to the Daily Edition. The dizzying scale of the binary options fraud, and the failure of the authorities to tackle it, constitute a tangible threat to Israel's financial reputation, and thus to ongoing international investment and business development here.

David Horovitz is the founding editor of Binary options secrets Times of Israel. He is the author of "Still Life with Bombers". Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Hundreds gather to bury Israeli soldier killed in car-ramming attack. More in Israel Inside. Comments on this article.


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