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That would be hard for shareholders to stomach. Hedge fund managers answer hwzard and forrx valuable insights on their funds, investment strategies and upcoming challenges faced in the global market. Subscribe to news and price alerts. A stock trader believes that the stock price of Company A will rise over the next month, due to the company's new and efficient method of producing widgets. Free Forex Strategies, Forex indicators, forex resources and free forex. It's a horrifying statistic.

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Re: I am out. Never getting fooled again. Buy shares that are beat up for various reasons but producing or soon to be producers. PMO same je forex hazard to project and beaten down shareAmerisur and Eland much more compelling plays as compare to RKH. RKH management couldn't give a hoot and are busy living large at shareholder's expense. Are you saying that Rockhopper would voluntarily reduce their carry? That would be hard for shareholders to stomach.

Apologies if I missed the meaning of your sentence. Maybe i wasnt clear enough, i apologise and my maths wasnt maybe spot on the first time or maybe this time either. Now you are thinking, "well how does that benefit rkh, as thats mostly PMO's obligation". Hope this helps, and doesnt further confuse what i was trying to get at. Re: New Edison report. At least they have cashflow. Thats a big plus to get them through this.

If Premier backed out I am sure there would be penalties and other interested parties. This is the lowest share price ever and yet the closest we are to the prize. As we've agreed before, we need some seriously probing questions for the AGM and if that means the BoD reads this stuff and then has time to prepare, so be it. I think we're all having a bad time, so better to join forces to obtain credible explanations from je forex hazard who are supposed to be running our company.

However the facts are simple. How many rkh shares do the city hold again? I think we know that the FI region is potentially enormous, but for commercial purposes, there needs to be verifiable proof, which the ER balls-up was supposed to resolve. So comparison with the HUR is poor one as we don't know what is there. Sanction may be on the horizon as well, not a rumour just a feeling along with a partner.

This free's up PMO's cash to pay off debt. I agree and disagree, all at the same time! No one anticipated such a prolonged collapse in the PoO and if we're honest, no one can say for certain where it's going, except that if we were producing now, we'd barely be covering our costs. The FOGL acquisition might have been achieved more cheaply, but I believe we acquired a potentially fantastic licence area - trouble is, we don't have the proof.

Comparison with HUR is probably a poor one, as we still don't know for certain what we've got, although there's good "evidence" of a spectacular region. The chaotic ER drilling campaign was a complete balls-up, and most people realise this. What bothers me is that until our reserves are proven, the real asset value of RKH remains unproven.

That makes us potentially vulnerable to a predator taking us out "for an apple and an egg", with disheartened shareholders just taking the money and the predator walking off with a section 83 b stock options bargain bonanza. Our BoD not really showing much leadership - one doesn't get the impression that they are driving this thing, but je forex hazard more to enjoy pretending to be directors of a wannabe FTSE-quoted company.

I agree that fancy offices may well be the order of the day some time in the future, but right now cutting one's cloth seems more appropriate. I've said all along that this one's a gamble and it is, but there are things our BoD could do to make it appear more under control. FOGL bought Desire, and acquired some of the adjoining acreage that RKH basically had made a decent discovery in. Je forex hazard presumably thought at the time they acquired FOGL that bringing this consolidated acreage in would help it in a potential farm in situation or its negotiations with PMO.

I do not think you can assume that DES would have acquired on the effective receivership of FOGL if it had been allowed to go bust. Most likely the FI Govt would have treated as the end of the licence, and they would have the right to remarket under an auction of its licence interests. That might have put it out of RKH's reach, as it was a pretty well known as a prolific area, albeit cara forex tanpa modal a troubled drill.

Unfortunately since then we have had a world oil price slump which has compounded the issue of offshore drilling compared to shale etc and the whole matter has dragged on the expense of the board and failing Italian interests have been a triple whammy. The accounts show where the cash has gone - cashflow statement and finance director's review. Look at the same pages. Je forex hazard am hoping that those accounts don't show that they have issued the BoD a shed more options at these low values.

FOGL was bought to help shareholders or help Fogl BoD in not losing their jobs. Will be fascinated je forex hazard hear your report of the event. In an unrelated aside, I do wonder how sustainable this situation is. The Edison report was very explicit in saying that Sea Lion is now commercial and it's only Premier's shallow pockets holding things up. With that in mind, any firm looking to take a slice of the action would surely be better advised to just buy Rockhopper than fork out an inflated sum to Premier.

On the positive side, it does mean Rockhopper are in play, but at this share price I'd rather it wasn't. Thus i feel now is the time to be accumulating NOT selling. Tell me I was wrong a few years from now. Re: I'll be back. Well I've had enough and have sold up. I simply don't see anything moving forward and the share price continuing to decline. I'm sure one day when the dust finally settles I'll be back until then Hasta La Vista Baby.

Best to stay away from shares, if your selling at the bottom of the chart. Definitely plausible videodawn namely, that RKH ended up assuming FOGL's cost overruns on Humpback. Rockhopper are also definitely being less than forthcoming in their info on this. POO is a red herring imho. It is in the seaif it were being sold I would accept it could move the sp.

Not looking like coming out of the sea or being sold in the near future either. Interesting analysis and it I have wondered where the cash went to as well. If so, it probably means that RKH has assumed some negative cash or creditors from FOGL after the Eirik Rauce fracas in exchange for their licences. FOGL was bust at the time. If nobody else volunteers, I'll ask this question on your behalf at the AGM.

There's an increasingly fishy smell coming from our board, and I don't like it. However, on more research, you may well be right. But of course there was the Falklands drilling campaign. That is absolutely bonkers. I live in NY nowadays, so cannot make it to the AGM, but this has to be brought up with the board. I've tried over email, but have been stonewalled. It's a horrifying statistic. Rpoodle, the gap in funds - it wouldn't be the initial CGT tax payment they had to pay would it?

The remainder of that to be paid will defo take the shine off the first oil RNS. I've been told that full-year results will be out next week. I'm hoping for more on the financial situation. Frustratingly, Rockhopper tell me that regulatory restrictions preclude them from providing any further info. Search discussion archive from. The content of the messages posted represents the opinions of the author, and does not represent the opinions of Interactive Investor Trading Limited or its affiliates and has not been approved or issued by Interactive Investor Trading Limited.

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