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Volume is the foreex truly leading indicator. This insight will give you the ability to trade with confidence. This immensely powerful indicator performs over indicatod hundred calculations per bar and provides the foundation stone of the Hawkeye suite of tools and methodology. How Volume Trading Works Trading using volume gives you the following: Radat confirms the strength of a trend signnal suggests its weakness.

Rising volume indicates rising interest Falling volume suggests a decline in interest, or a statement of no interest. Extreme volume readings, i. Jesse Livermore and JP Morgan were amongst the many wealthy traders that used VSA to great success. Since then it has been acknowledged that VSA is an extremely good leading indicator. Volume is the second most valuable item of data after the price itself.

Volume and Trend Volume helps us to determine the health of a trend. Single volume spikes alone can often bring the market to an abrupt halt. Volume and Breakouts Volume can help to validate all kinds of breakouts. It is remarkably accurate at predicting future moves. When you start to incorporate Volume Price Analysis in association with a volume indicator, you then have an amazing trading tool at your disposal.

However, in the spot FOREX market, there forex radar signal indicator no central exchange. Problem Solved This is where Hawkeye is unique. Forex radar signal indicator it any wonder that professional FOREX traders use Hawkeye? Summary Volume after all is the fuel that drives the market, both higher and lower. If there is no volume, then the market ofrex unlikely to move far. It takes effort for a market to move, either higher or lower, and if there is no effort or volume, then the market will move into optionshouse trademonster consolidation, and only break out once volume increases significantly.

This sigbal the power of Volume Spread Analysis, which lies at the heart of the Hawkeye methodology. Now, at last, with the unique Hawkeye volume algorithm, we finally have the tools to truly see inside the market, and to trade with confidence, knowing that we are trading WITH the trend and the money flow, rather than against it. Volume allows us to see, and rather than motoring through a sea fog, hoping to avoid an accident, the Hawkeye volume indicator gives us our own unique radar system to safely navigate in the forex markets.

It is the ultimate indicator, increasing exponentially our trading success, our confidence, and our analysis of risk on each and every trade. Without it, trading is a lottery. With it, you potentially have the winning ticket. Just as with every other indicator, the Volume tool works across all the time frames from intraday time and tick based charts for scalping strategies, to longer term daily and weekly charts for trend traders. The Hawkeye Volume Indicator works in all markets and can be used in all time frames for both tick and time charts — from longer term swing forex radar signal indicator trend trading on daily and weekly charts, down to fast scalping on an intra-day basis, using minute or tick charts.

Hawkeye Traders Precision Volume Trading Software. Tomahawke Forex Trading System. How to Trade the Markets Understanding Volume Volume is the only truly leading indicator. Join them now, and become the FOREX trader you deserve to be. Get Started Trading with Volume Right Now! Tools for NT MarketAnalyzer. Tools for TS RadarScreen. About Us Randy Lindsey.

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The TTM Squeeze indicator can be applied to the Stocks, Options, Futures and Forex markets. The TTM Squeeze Indicator works in conjunction with Tradestation, eSignal.

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