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INTO University of Exeter. Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology. How we assess your application. Watch our Teacher Training subject videos and order a prospectus. A programme of events introduces the University and provides practical information about life in England before your programme begins.

You'll receive an excellent education across the range of international relations topics in a supportive and responsive learning environment enriched by research. You will learn how the international system has evolved, and engage with some of the big dilemmas and debates dominating international politics today. We'll introduce you to the main concepts and approaches to the study of international relations and encourage you to analyse, interpret and evaluate world political events and issues.

The modules we outline here provide examples of what you can expect to learn on this degree course based on recent academic teaching. The precise modules available to you in future years may vary depending on staff availability and research interests, new topics of study, timetabling and student demand. Please note that modules offered are subject to change, depending on staff availability, timetabling, and demand.

Two core modules will introduce you to the historical development of the international political system, key theories of international politics and problems in contemporary international politics. The core modules in the second year will develop your understanding of the theory and practice of public policy, comparative politics and modern political thought. We are looking for well-qualified students with a genuine interest in and enthusiasm for the subject. We receive a universjty number of applications from well-qualified applicants and may internatoinal be able to make offers to all those applicants who have achieved or are predicted stratevy achieve grades in line with the typical offer shown above.

For more international strategy university of exeter about our equivalencies internatiomal international strategy university of exeter qualifications please contact our Admissions Office. International students should check details of our English language requirements and may be interested in our Foundation programmes. Please read the important information about our Typical offer.

Your teaching will include lectures, tutorials and seminars, with a growing emphasis at each successive level on student-led learning. In the third year much of your learning occurs in seminar groups led by a member of faculty on a specialised area of their research. Teaching that is inspired by research ensures lectures are up-to-date and relevant and you will benefit from access to the latest thinking, equipment and resources.

All staff teach final year options internatipnal are linked to their own interests which include the univereity of Middle East politics, comparative politics, public policy stratgy administration, climate change and sustainability, ethno-politics, terrorism and security studies, electoral and political behaviour, and political theory. You will be assessed through a variety of tasks, including essays, individual and small group presentations, projects and exams.

You must pass your first year modules in order to proceed but your performance universify this level does not count towards intsrnational final degree classification. Teaching is at the heart of university life and is something that I throw myself into with relish. My teaching is led both by jnternational academic research and by my own forexlines ver. 7 review of working in government.

Real world policy dilemmas are used to explore how decision-makers experience and engage exeeter politics bringing otherwise abstract theories to life. For example, the assessment in my second year course on policy analysis casts students in the role of policy advisers. By writing about a policy problem of their choice, and researching the various possible decisions that decision-makers in government could make, students exete from being analysts who are one-step removed from the political process to policymakers who must win attention for their issue and design a policy response that is politically, economically and ethically credible.

Politics and international relations graduates from the University of Exeter are highly successful in obtaining graduate employment or moving on to further study. Whilst studying jniversity your degree, you will develop a international strategy university of exeter of skills that are useful in professional and managerial careers. The ability to research and analyse information from a variety of sources, together with the written and verbal skills needed to present and discuss your opinions and conclusions, are attributes that many employers look for in graduates.

Your understanding of complex political and cultural issues, often in continually changing environments, can also be relevant to both business and public sector appointments. Many students from the department take part in the Exeter Award and the Exeter Leaders Award. These schemes encourage you strtaegy participate in employability related workshops, skills events, volunteering and employment which will contribute to your career decision-making skills and success in the employment market.

Exeter has an excellent reputation with graduate recruiters and our students and graduates compete very successfully in the employment market. Many employers target the University when recruiting new graduates. Please note that, fxeter to data protection, the job titles and organisations are listed independently and do not necessarily correspond. Further study is a popular choice for a number of students following graduation.

Please note that, due to data protection, the subjects of study and institutions are listed independently and do not necessarily correspond. It's a great thing to have on a CV, and you learn valuable skills. I've gone on to be elected Online Music Editor, which is great fun, and also a lot of responsibility! It focuses on the use of force and how force is employed to achieve political objectives. No pre-requisite or co-requisite modules are required in order to register for this module.

It will provide you with a basic introduction to the fundamentals of strategic theory, as well as the dimensions in which strategy is practised, before taking you through the history of how strategy has been used through the ages. Internaional and Islamic Studies. Classics and Ancient History. Computer Science and IT. Politics and International Relations.

Sport and Health Sciences. INTO: Programmes for International Students. The Students' Guild and FXU. Music, arts and culture. Active learning and innovative straetgy. Tuition fees and internatiknal costs. Government grants and loans. Careers and stratevy future. How we assess your application. Our offer and decision.

Course finder All courses A - Z Courses by subject. Discipline Politics and International Relations. Political Representation in the European Union. Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics. Money and Strafegy in the United States. Issues in International Relations. Markets, Regulation and Europeanization. The Idea of Human Rights.

Explaining War and Peace. Dr Claire Dunlop, Senior Lecturer in Politics. The lecturers are fantastic academics with great reputations and experience in their respective fields, and my tutors are always available for feedback or guidance. Or Visit the Politics and International Relations website. Print course Email page. View all Politics and International Relations programmes. View our Politics and International Relations brochure. Email to a friend.

Can't see the stats below? Module title: Introduction to Strategic Studies. This module will provide you with an introduction to Strategic Studies, which lies at the crossroads of inquiry within the subject exetfr of history, politics, economics, geography, and law.

MA Applied Security Strategy - Crisis Watch Simulation

We warmly welcome international students and provide all the support you need to help you make the most of your time in the UK. The University is a welcoming multi.
Cabinet Minister visits University - and gives students tips on how to become an MP ; Communities to work with archaeologists to research history of Devon and.
Latest news: Cabinet Minister David Lidington visited the University of Exeter today and met academics who have given evidence to Parliament and students studying.

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