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Trade Like A Pro With the Best FOREX TRADING COURSE. Money management is the most important part of any trading system, and surprisingly, few traders understand how valuable a tool it truly is. Put simply, money management is the money you are going to put on a single trade and, conversely, the amount of risk you are willing to take for this trade. There are lots and lots of money management strategies likely, as many money management rules forex trading there are financial strategists but they all have one central theme: preventing high risk exposure.

Much akin to the golden rule of ethics, the one percent rule has saved many a trader quite a bit of coin. Then why don't more people adhere to the One Percent Rule? The fact is, people in the trading business are not looking for steady low-risk growth over the long term. This type of reasoning has lead to much more popular theories. Any gambler can tell you about this strategy.

The premise is simple: as you lose more, increase your risk. The philosophy is that after enough losing hands your chance to win is much larger so you can add more money to recover any losses. But here's the dirty little secret that makes the casinos the millions of dollars a year: your odds are the same no matter what hand you play. Your odds start over on every hand and what you've done previously or what you'll do in the future makes no difference.

Many novice FOREX investors try this strategy in their trading and predictably, lose a lot of money in very short amounts of time. Another popular strategy is the Opposite or Anti-Martingale Rule. This rule maintains that you increase your risk when winning and decrease your risk when not winning. Not a bad strategy, eh? It's strength lies in its simplicity: the more you win, the more you bet. It's a higher risk strategy for traders looking for a higher return but still wanting to maintain their initial balance.

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Forex Money Management Webinar by Vladimir Ribakov

The 5% Money Management Rule. a trader could open five trades risking 5% on each trade and still be within the rules. Register HERE to start your FOREX.
Today’s article is about debunking the 2% money management rule that is so My money management rules were as Forex trading involves substantial risk.
Read these top 5 forex money management tips to help make it easier for you trade manage your money while trading forex. 1. > Top 5 Forex Money Management rules.

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