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Ah, yes, a "no brainer" that there'd be a rights issue and no divi, mentioned time and time again on this board. I used the one for usd as template coet duplication, and changed all the usd to hkd. Term used when vorex. Finances What will my business expenses be? Before, one low followed another but now, price makes higher valleys and higher peaks in many securities. Capitialism - When an economic system of a country is. Golden Parachute - A company's agreement with an employee.

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Open an account Open an account Open an account Interactive Investor Trading Limited, trading as "Interactive Investor", is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is to protect both of us and for training purposes. Would you like to continue? Open or close all. Re: Wood Group take-over. I too noticed the disparity between WG and AMFW' share prices at the weekend.

Bearing in mind that both companies had announced forex cost averaging spreadsheet wins since the TO announcement, they both looked like a good buy. That way when the TO goes ahead, I will get more WG shares for my money. No chance they bought the FW and on the slide since ok oil took a dive but others survived. The fact that AMFW is lower propotional to the prices when the news broke is odd, but perhaps a lot of PI are selling because they don't fancy Wood and there small dividends.

The takeover price was a fixed actual price it simply equated to that price at the time. It maybe off at the moment due to any uncertainties with the deal. Whoops, just found this comment that I posted last October:. What are they saying? It could even be construed as saying that we'll do a placing! Still holding some after my April sale.

Ah, yes, a "no brainer" that there'd be a rights issue and no divi, mentioned time and time again on this board. Btw, a "no brainer" doesn't sit comfortably with "would almost certainly have gone down that route". I don't recall any particular company announcing a rights issue in advance. I'm not sure there's even forex cost averaging spreadsheet legal requirement to do that.

But it was a no-brainer that AMFW would almost certainly have gone down that route having failed to rein in their massive debt problem. I don't recall hearing them warn us of that. Forgot to spreadsheet in my recent averaging down purchase. At least it's not another Mouchel or WYG 'sink and phoenix' and screw the small shareholder! Wood Group shares up too. A good day for both holders.

The takeover comes after several years of pressure on the profits of service providers in the energy industry as the slide in oil prices forced their clients rein in spending and defer large projects. By merging, these engineering companies are aiming to cut costs, extend the scope of their business and become more competitive.

Among recent deals, General Electric Co. Soon breached my ficer target. Looks like a done deal - have a few of these in the bottom draw from the oil price crash waiting for a recovery. After today now a blue line in the portfolio. Glad I held on even though not performing. Noted RPS having a bit of a run too' similar markets, but smaller company. Re: Major change needed All seems a bit late in the day for this and very reactive, but that is what we have grown to expect with this management team.

They must thik they are smarter than the ENRON guys?? I had high hopes for Lewis but just cannot see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel without URGENT and TOUGH decisions being made. Attempts to cut costs are a joke. Time to find a new management team that has experience of tough times. AMEC needs an urgent clear-out of all of those executives who were responsible for the FW debacle and replacement with an experienced turnaround team to address COSTS.

Then get after NEW and valuable business opportunities. Maybe a strategy to return decent profits to those shareholders who are taking the risks here. If they cannot put their OWN money into this company then why should we continue to support them. Their mortgages are being paid by shareholders again this year. Where is my return?

Expensive executives with clearly insufficient experience. Time we were given access to the salary and expense data for these people forex algorithm software. Have they no shame? Time for a management team or NEW CEO? I suspect that's part of the reason for the drop in the sp today.

Major change needed now. Poor quality management is the main problem here, not just over paying for FW root cause but the bungled integration and continued inability to find synergies across those units. Chasing minor cost savings of a few million here and there, is not the way to solve this. This now needs an experienced executive at board level to turn this around and get shot of the current inexperienced management and ALL of those who supported the previous CEO in the doomed moonshot.

Samir is gone but his "drones" are all still here?? The new CEO needs to start showing investors that he is serious by showing the current overpaid managers to the exits and bringing in professional management. Maybe then we will back AMEC for a while longer, otherwise there are better places for my cash as of today! Did you hear this morning's analyst call. Talk about bumbling, particularly when asked about future debt. Eventually it was a yes on increased debt.

That went down well. Trying to figure out why. Nothing really new there. Was the market expecting anything different? GPG sale execution risk previously highlighted. The only thing that really bugged me was:. Re: Finally breaks out. That's a big jump yesterday. I'm a holder, higher up, but am also baffled at the sp strength. AMFW wouldn't be a takeover target, would it? And AMFW are facing an environmental negligence lawsuit from a Canadian mining company, but do not reveal what this might eventually cost them.

So not a pretty picture overall. So why the market is so enthusiastic is difficult to fathom. Perhaps it's pinning its hopes on this single factor, otherwise I'm baffled. The silver price live chart forexpros are being ignored but technically this is now a weak buy and a definite hold. It's good to see more North Sea contracts. Perhaps the falling pound is making the North Sea oil and gas fields more attractive.

I just wish the RNS had been written in clear English. This is still a good stock imo, and I will be back in if the price drops significantly. Still hold some at much the same purchase price as yours, dazed. Bought the other lot hoping for a rise - and got it, luckily. If they can get a decent deal on GPG, then it should work out ok after a year or so. At least they didn't do a Mouchel or WYG. NEW ARTICLE: Amec Foster Wheeler attacks.

NEW ARTICLE: Share of the week: Oil gush. Miners have been shooting the lights out, driven by rising metal prices, while investors have piled back into oversold banks. Despite this, however, it's Amec Foster Wheeler that gets the nod. Just watch this baby go. It's good fun but I'd expect a pullback pretty soon. Hold on for a rollercoaster ride. Samir Brikho resigned as CEO and will leave AMFW as from today. He is responsible for allowing the company to amass a huge amount of debt when it bought Foster Wheeler at a highly inflated price.

Not good, but at least AMFW are rid. Market seemed to take it well. Oil and gas services company Amec Foster Wheeler Plc said chief executive Samir Brikho is stepping down, and appointed chief financial officer Ian McHoul as his interim replacement. It's hardly a dog. I would have thought that when AMFW made their recent cut they were taking a worse case scenario than current trading over the medium term. Meanwhile Societe Generale issued a 'buy' note last week, not that that means a lot.

Sadly no one loves the oilies anymore. However I can't and I suspect it might take some time before the price of oil recovers and investment in the oil industry resumes. All of which is not necessarily a problem if you are patient and investing for the long term. Like all share trades there is an element of gambling involved. Stocks you buy may go up or down. I called this one too early, I admit. But I believe that this is oversold and will rise, and I expect to be in profit by July next.

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Eventually it was a yes forex cost averaging spreadsheet increased debt.

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